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CAD-Line > DXF tab

See also: DXF-Element

Use the DXF tab to:

Link* a DXF-Drawing with the CAD-Line

Align the DXF-Drawing with the CAD-Line

Show or Hide different DXF Layers and/or change their colors

Convert DXF Entities in the DXF Drawing to MD sketch-elements

Remove the DXF-Drawing from the CAD-Line

* Before you can link a DXF-Drawing with the CAD-Line, you must use File menu > Open > DXF file-type to open and add a minimum of one DXF-element to the Assembly-Tree.

CAD-Line dialog-box

DXF tab

CAD-Line dialog-box: DXF tab

CAD-Line dialog-box > DXF tab

Click to exapand /collapse Select DXF-Element 
Click to exapand /collapse Align DXF to CAD-Line 
Click to exapand /collapse Convert DXF Entities to MD Lines and Arcs