Dialog: CAD-Line

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Dialog: CAD-Line

CAD-Line dialog-box

See also : Part-Editor: Add CAD-Line

Use the CAD-Line dialog-box to:

import one(1) CAD-Solid file (see Visibility toolbar > Show Solids in Mechanisms)

import one(1) DXF Drawing - see File menu > Open DXF drawing

import and/or enter USER Mass-Properties

edit the display of the CAD-Solid

To open a CAD-Line dialog-box

Double-Click CAD-Line element in an Added-Part

Double-Click CAD-Line element in an Added-Part

To open the CAD-Line dialog-box

1.Double-click a CAD-Line in the graphic-area, or the Assembly-Tree

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

The Cad-Line dialog-box is now open - see below

CAD-Line dialog-box

CAD-Line dialog-box

CAD-Line dialog-box

The CAD-Line dialog has 5 tabs.


Mass Properties tab

DXF tab

STL Import tab

Display Options tab

Notes on the CAD-Line:

You can open the CAD-Line dialog-box from the Part-Editor AND from Mechanism-Editors.

The X(0),Y(0) of each CAD-Line is its start-Point.

The X(+) direction is from its start-Point to its end-Point.

All Parts you add to the model have a CAD-Line.

You can add CAD-Lines to all Parts - see Part-Editor: Add CAD-Line