Dialog: Configure Power Source

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Dialog: Configure Power Source

Configure Power Source

To calculate Forces and Torques correctly, you must make sure the Power Source is correct for each degree-of-freedom in each kinematic-chain in your model.

The default Power-Source for a degree-of-freedom is at the joint whose motion you control with a Motion-Dimension FB.

Use the Configure Power-Source dialog to move the Power-Source to a different element.

For example, the Power Source for a kinematic-chain with a Follower is a 2D-Cam.

When the Power-Source for each degree-of-freedom is correct, the forces that we calculate for each element are also correct.

If the Power-Source element is a :

Pin-Joint - we calculate for you the Torque (Application-Torque) that you need at the output from a Motor and Gearbox   - see Gearbox and Servo-Sizing.

Slide-Joint - we calculate for you the Motive-Force that you need from a Linear-Motor.

2D-Cam / Conjugate Cam - we calculate for you the Contact-Force, Contact-Stress, Cam-Life, and Roller-Life - see 2D-Cam dialog

Spring - we calculate for you the Motive-Force when you configure the Spring as a Linear-Motor.

How to open the Configure Power Source dialog

You must first select a Kinematic-Chain in the Kinematics-Tree.

In the Kinematics-Tree :

1.Click the Kinematics-Tree in the Element-Explorer

2.Click the Kinematic-Chain for which you want to specify the Power-Source

The Kinematic-Chain  is Blue.

There are three methods to open the Configure Power Source dialog when the Kinematic-Chain  is Blue :

TAG-Down        METHOD 1 : Forces toolbar  

TAG-Down        METHOD 2 : Right-Click and Shortcut menu

TAG-Down        METHOD 3 : Hot-key combination

The Configure Power Source dialog is now open.

Configure Power Source dialog

You must Configure the Power Source for each Kinematic-Chain.

There are two tabs in the dialog:

tog_minusPower Source tab
tog_minusDisplay Colors tab