Dialog: Feedscrew (Scroll)

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Dialog: Feedscrew (Scroll)

Feedscrew ( Scroll)

See Add Scroll

We have labeled the dialog as Feedscrew and Scroll because they are both very common terms.

Other terms include: Worms, Infeed Screws, Gusanos, and Tortillas sin fin.

Use the Feedscrew (Scroll) dialog-box to:

Set the number-of-points along the feedscrew surface for each 'rim'

Set the Start and End - the 'range' - of the 3D-Cam

Edit the display of the feedscrew in the graphic-area

Export the feedscrew to SolidWorks®

Rebuild the feedscrew with the current or active settings.

Save the feedscrew data that defines the surface mesh.

To Open the Feedscrew dialog-box

1.Double-click a Feedscrew in the graphic-area

- or -

1.see How to open a dialog-box

Feedscrew dialog-box


Buttons at top of dialog-box

Rebuild and Save Data buttons

Use the Rebuild button to

ore-calculate the points along each 'rim' when you change a parameter

obefore you use the Save Data button

obefore you transfer the Feedscrew to SolidWorks

Use the Save Cam button to save the feedscrew mesh data as text files.


       Number of Points 



We specify a Feedscrew with a surface.

There are a number of lines, that we call Rims, along the feedscrew surface.

There is one Rim for each Motion-Point as defined by the Motion-Path FB.

There are a number-of-points along each Rim.



Number-of-points along each Rim. - 860 in dialog to left

Screw Start/End 



When you add a Feedscrew, MechDesigner will calculate its surface for a complete cycle of the MMA : 0 – 360

Use this separator to edit the range of the MMA for which you want to calculate the feedscrew.

The Number-of-Points along each rim does not change.


Feedscrew Start-Angle

Edit the Start-Angle

Feedscrew End-Angle

Edit the End-Angle




The 'MechDesigner Display' edits how the surface of the Feedscrew shows in the graphic-area.


'Surfaces' ; 'Rims' check-boxes

Use the check-boxes to Show or Hide Surface, and Show or Hide Rims.

Solids: show or hide, with the color in the 'color' control, and with the Transparency given by the 'Slider'.

Rims: show or hide the Rims along the Feedscrew.


Use the Windows color picker to select a color for the Feedscrew and Rims.


Use the slider to change the Transparency of the Feedscrew.

SOLIDWORKS Data Transfer 


Preamble: When you have set the correct parameters in this dialog: Number-of-Point and Start/End Angles, then you can export the Feedscrew to SolidWorks. To do this

1.Open SolidWorks

2.Add and Save a new Part

3.Make sure the new Part is the 'active' document in SolidWorks


Create Feedscrew Blank in SolidWorks

MechDesigner exports the sketch of the Feedscrew Blank and its Axis-of-Rotation'

MechDesigner instructs SolidWorks to use the Feedscrew Blank and Axis to add a 'Revolved' feature

Create Feedscrew Surface in SolidWorks

MechDesigner exports the XYZ data of each Rim to a 'Curve' feature

MechDesigner instructs SolidWorks to use the Curves to Insert a Boundary Surface feature.

Cut Feedscrew Surface into Blank.

MechDesigner instructs SolidWorks to cut the Revolved feature with the Boundary Surface

See Troubleshooting below.




After you have sent the Feedscrew to SolidWorks, it is often useful to link the its file-name in SolidWorks with the Feedscrew element in MechDesigner. At a later date, when you open this Feedscrew dialog again, you can reopen the part in SolidWorks.


Get Cad Part Path button: Click this button to link the CAD file-name in SolidWorks with the Feedscrew.

The file-name, with its full path, is put into the 'Path of Feedscrew in SolidWorks is :

Open Cam Part button: Click this button to open the part with the file-name in the 'Path of Feedscrews in SolidWorks is' box.

Before this is possible:

1.You have previously transferred a Feedscrew to SolidWorks and saved the file,


2.You have already clicked the button 'Get Cad Part Path' button.

tog_minus        Trouble-shooting the Feedscrew in SOLIDWORKS