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2D-Cam: Work-flow

1.Add a 2D-Cam - see Machine elements toolbar > Add 2D-Cam

If the new 2D-Cam is one from a pair of Conjugate-Cams, or it is one flank of a Groove-Cam

1.a. Add a Conjugate-Cam FB - see Machine elements toolbar > Add Conjugate Cam FB

1.b. Edit the Conjugate-Cam FB to select least two 2D-Cams - see Conjugate-Cam dialog.

2.Select a 2D-Cam or a Conjugate-Cam FB as the Power Source for the Follower - see Configure-Power Source

3.Review the 2D-Cam : Display, Properties, Roller-Life, Cam-Life, ... - see 2D-Cam dialog

4.Add a Cam-Data FB - see Kinematic FBs > Add Cam-Data FB

5.Edit the Cam-Data FB to link it to the 2D-Cam- - see Cam-Data dialog : Cam Analysis

6.Connect wires from the Cam-Data FB to a Graph FB to analyze 5 parameters - see Cam-Data dialog : Cam Analysis

7.Edit the Cam-Data FB again to calculate the Cam's Coordinates - see Cam-Data dialog : Cam-Coordinates

tog_minusHow to open the 2D-Cam dialog

The 2D-Cam dialog is now open.

2D-Cam dialog

The 2D-Cam dialog has two formats:





The two tabs are:



The two NEW tabs are:

Roller Life

Cam Life

Click to expand/collapseSave Cam Data button
Click to Expand / Collapse2D-Cam - work-flow as a diagram