Dialog: 2D-Cam

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Dialog: 2D-Cam



Do NOT increase Machine-Settings >Number-of-Steps. You will NOT increase the accuracy of a 2D-Cam.

But, you will slow MechDesigner down. 120 Steps is Good.  360 Steps is Maximum.

The Number of Cam-Points is set in the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box. Here, you can enter 10000 Points for the Cam if you like.

2D-Cam: Elements, Parameters, Analysis, Coordinates

1.Add a 2D-Cam - see: Add 2D-Cam

2.Review the 2D-Cam's Display, Properties, Lifetime - see below


3.Add a Cam-Data FB - see Add Cam-Data FB

4.Link the 2D-Cam to the Cam-Data FB - see Open and Link the Cam-Data FB to a 2D-Cam


5.Analyze 5 different parameters for the 2D-Cam -  see Cam-Data FB - Analysis Parameters

6.Calculate the Cam-Coordinates - see Cam-Data dialog-box - Coordinates

2D-Cam dialog-box

To open the 2D-Cam dialog box

Edit the 2D-Cam:

1.Double-click a 2D-Cam in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree.


1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box.  

The 2D-Cam dialog-box is now open.

The 2D-Cam dialog-box has two formats.

SHORT format

SHORT Format of 2D-Cam dialog

SHORT Format of 2D-Cam dialog


tog_minus Cam Range and Radius...                                

tog_minus Follower Properties                                       


tog_minus Cam Visibilities                                                  

tog_minus Cam Display Options                                       


EXTENDED format of 2D-Cam dialog

EXTENDED format of 2D-Cam dialog

To see the Extended format, you must click

Show Roller and Cam Lifetimes - in the Display tab

To calculate the Roller Life or Cam Life you must use this dialog to select a:

Roller Manufacturer - see Roller Life tab

Roller Model and Part-Number - see Roller Life tab

Cam Material  - see Cam Life tab


tog_minus Cam Roller                                                         

tog_minus Roller L10 Lifetime                                            


tog_minus Cam Life Factors                                               

tog_minus Cam Material                                                     

tog_minus Cam Life (inside/outside) flank                    

tog_minus        Save Cam Data