Dialog: Dimension

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Dialog: Dimension

Dimension dialog-box

In the Part-Editor, when you add a dimension, the Dimension dialog-box opens immediately.

You can of course, edit the dimension later.

IMPORTANT: You cannot edit a Dimension when a command is active - even Add Dimension.

Deselect all commands to edit a Dimension.

How to open the Dimension dialog-box (in the Part-Editor)


To edit a Dimension:

1.Part-Editor: De-select ALL commands

2.Part-Editor: Double-Click the arrowhead of a dimension

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

Note: MechDesigner will not respond if you click the number - R34.46 in the image to the left.

The dimension dialog-box is now open.

Dimension dialog-box


To edit the dimension parameter-value in the Dimension dialog-box:

Do one or all of these:

Enter a value, and press the enter key (EnterKEy-Simple24) on your keyboard

Enter an equation, and press the enter key (EnterKEy-Simple24) on your keyboard

Use the Spin-Box tool

Right-click the data-box, and use the Zero/Round/Copy/Paste contextual-menu

See also How to edit a parameter in a dialog-box