Dialog: Point Properties

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Dialog: Point Properties

Point Properties

Use the Point-Properties dialog to:

Show the Velocity Vectors and Acceleration Vectors of a Point*.

Find the exact X and Y coordinates of a Point* in the XY-Plane of the Mechanism-Editor.

Find the exact x, y and z coordinates of a Point* relative to the xy-axes of a Part.

Edit the x, y (and z) positions of a Point*, in a Part - ONLY if the position of the Point* does not have ANY dimensions or constraints.

* Point, start-Point, end-Point, center-Point.

How to open the Point Properties dialog


To open the Point Properties dialog

1.Double-click the Point in the graphic-area


1.See How to Open a dialog  

The Point Properties dialog is now open.

Point Properties dialog

Point-Properties dialog

Point-Properties dialog

tog_minus Kinematic Vectors 
tog_minus Mechanism Coordinates (read-only) 
tog_minus Point Coordinates: Read-Write