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Geometry | Dimension

Why use 'Add Dimension'?

Use Add Dimension to define the Length or Radius of a sketch-element, or the Distance, or the Angle between sketch-elements.

You can also define the Distance, or an Angle, between the X-axis or Y-axis and a sketch-element.

Note: You can rename the Dimension in the Dimension dialog.

See below How to add dimensions

Add Dimension


Toolbar :

Part-Editor : Geometry toolbar

Menu :

Part-Editor : Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Add Dimension

To Add a Dimension:

1.Part-Editor: Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension

2.Part-Editor: Click sketch-elements to add a distance, a radius, or an angle

The dimension shows near to your mouse-pointer.

3.Part-Editor: Click in the graphic-area to place the dimension and extension lines next to your mouse-pointer.

The Dimension dialog-box opens.


4.Edit the dimension in the dialog-box  

Negative Dimensions.

Do not delete the sign. It is best to ignore it. Edit the dimension in the normal way.

See Why the dimension is negative.
See How to Edit Parameters in dialog-box.

5.Click OK-tiny-13-17 to close the Dimension dialog-box

The Dimension is now in the graphic-area.



When sketch-elements are fully defined, you cannot add a driven-dimension.  

You can add Measurement FB in the Mechanism-Editor as a driven-dimension.

Generally, do not make a dimension zero. It is better to add a constraint (See Sketch-Constraints toolbar) to move Lines or Points together.

See also: Dimension Font Size

To edit a Dimension:

1.De-select all other commands

2.Double-click the arrowhead of a dimension element

Why the 'arrowhead'?

MechDesigner will not respond if you click the Dimension Number

And, simply, it is more difficult to click the dimension-lines or extension-lines.

See How to open a Dialog-box

How to add dimensions:

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