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Geometry | Dimension

Add Dimension

Use Add Dimension to add all Linear and Angular Dimensions:

Length of a Line ; Radius of a Circle or Arc.

Perpendicular Distance from a Line, or X-Axis, or Y-axis, to a Point

Angle between two Lines, or the Angle from the X-axis or Y-axis to a Line

Angle between three Points.

See: To add Dimensions

See also: Number-Format: Precision and Digits, Dimension Font Size

Add Dimension


Toolbar :

Part-Editor: Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension

Menu :

Part-Editor: Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Add Dimension

To Add a Dimension:

1.Part-Editor: Click Geometry toolbar > Add Dimension

2.Part-Editor: Click a sketch-element, or sketch-elements, to add a linear or angular  dimension. See more below

The dimension shows near to your mouse-pointer.

3.Part-Editor: Click again in the graphic-area to place the dimension and extension lines next to your mouse-pointer.

The Dimension dialog-box opens.


4.Edit the dimension in the dialog-box  

Negative Dimensions? Do not delete the Negative sign from a negative dimension.

See: Why a dimension is negative.

5.Click OK-tiny-13-17 to close the Dimension dialog-box

The Dimension is now in the graphic-area.


When sketch-elements are fully defined, you cannot add any more dimensions or constraints.

You cannot add a driven-dimension in the Part-Editor. Alternatively, use add Measurement FB in the Mechanism-Editor as a driven-dimension.

Generally, do not make a dimension zero. It is better to add a constraint to move Lines or Points together. See Sketch-Constraints

To edit a Dimension:

1.De-select all other commands

2.Double-click the arrowhead of a dimension element

Why the arrowhead?

MechDesigner does NOT respond if you click the Dimension Number

It is easier to click the arrowhead than to click the dimension-lines or extension-lines.

See How to open a dialog-box

To add dimensions

btn_delkeyword        Point

btn_delkeyword        Distance

btn_delkeyword        Radius

btn_delkeyword        Angle