Dialog: Function-Block: Motion-Dimension

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Dialog: Function-Block: Motion-Dimension

Motion-Dimension FB

see Add Motion-Dimension FB

A Motion-Dimension FB

identifies a Part (Motion-Part) you want to move with motion-values.

specifies its starting-position

specifies its positive direction for increasing motion-values

When a Motion-Dimension FB specifies the:

Angular Position of Part, it is a Rocker


<< the Motion-Dimension FB in the graphic-area for a Rocker.

When a Motion-Dimension FB specifies the:

Linear Position of a Part, it is a Slider


<< the Motion-Dimension FB in the graphic-area for a Slider.

Open Motion-Dimension dialog-box



Edit the Motion-Dimension FB:

1.Double-click the Motion-Dimension FB in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

The Motion-Dimension dialog-box is now open.

Motion-Dimension dialog-box

The Motion-Dimension FB function is:

Output  = Input + Base-Value


Red-14-1 Base-Value:

The constant contribution to the Motion-Dimension

Red-14-2 Motion-Value: (read-only)

The motion contribution to the Motion-Dimension at the input-connector to the Motion-Dimension FB.

Red-14-3 Base-Value + Motion-Value

∑ Base-Value + Motion-Value = Motion-Dimension

Note: Units are determined by the data-type at the input-connector


Note: I generally do not use  Directions  - I prefer to arrange the model so that I can predict the positive directions of Motion-Parts.

Red-14-4 Negate Motion-Values:

Positive Motion-Values : Motion-Value × 1 (default)

Negative Motion-Values : Motion-Value × –1

Red-14-5 Negate Base-Values

Positive Base-Value : Base-Value × 1 ( default )

Negative Base-Value - Base-Value × –1


The Positive direction of a Motion-Dimension:

Rocker - counter-clockwise angle

Slider  - direction of arrowhead on Slide-Joint  - See Positive Direction of Sliders