Dialog: Function-Block: Motion-Path

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Dialog: Function-Block: Motion-Path

Motion-Path FB

see Add Motion-Path FB


The Data-Type of the motion-values at the input to the Motion-Path FB must be Linear or Rotary.

When the Data-Type at the input are:

Linear, the linear position of the Motion-Point along the sketch-path = Positional value*

Rotary, the linear position of the Motion-Point along the sketch-path = Angular-Value* × (total length of sketch-path / 360)

* ignore any Linear Offset or Phase Offset, as defined below - see here

See more Data-Type and Motion-Points

How to open the Motion-Path dialog-box


Edit the Motion-Path FB:

1.Double-click the Motion-Path FB in the graphic-area

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

The Motion-Path dialog-box is now open.

Motion-Path dialog-box


Point Parameters tab

tog_minus Point Parameters 
tog_minus Point List and Data Display 

Length Control tab

tog_minus Control Length of Path 
tog_minus Belt Tooth Pitch 
tog_minusNotes 1,2,3
tog_minusTransition Curve tab


tog_minus Data-Type and MOTION-POINTS