Configure Power Source

Use Configure Power Source assigns the element that provides the motion-force to the kinematic-chain. The element may be Joint, 2D-Cam, Gear-Pair, or Spring.

Configure Power Source icon

Forces toolbar > Configure Power Source


Add menu > Forces sub-menu > Calculate-Forces FB


Configure Power Source dialog-box

What to do:

From the toolbar:

1.Click a kinematic-Chain [with the Icon-Solved-KinChain Symbol] in the Kinematics-Tree .

The green Icon-Solved-KinChain icon indicates the kinematic-chain is a kinematically-defined chain'.

2.Click Force toolbar > Configure Power Source


From the Contextual-Menu:

1.Click a kinematically-defined Chain in the Kinematics-Tree.

The orange square must show around the green Icon-Solved-KinChain-Orange icon [Symbol for: kinematically-defined chain], to the left of the Kinematic-Chain KT-Kinematic-Chain-Solved-Selected

2.Right-click the kinematically-defined chain or icon that has the orange square
3.Click Configure Power Source in the drop-down menu [only one item in menu!]

Why use:

The default Power-Source is the joint with a Motion-Dimension FB - a Slider or Rocker.

The Power-Source is actually the element which provides the 'motive' effort - or Power Source. For example. It is common that a 2D-Cam is the Power-Source.

The Configure Power Source dialog-box can move the Power Source to a:

Different joint

- or -


- or -

Spring FB


MechDesigner opens the Configure Power Source dialog-box.

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