Configure Power Source

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Configure Power Source

Configure Power Source

Use Configure Power Source to:

Identify and use the correct element as the Power-Source for a kinematic-chain.

You can source power from: Joints (as Motors), 2D-Cams, Springs, pulleys.

To identify the Power-Source


In the default case, Power-Source is at the joint with the Motion-Dimension FB.

A Motor-Symbol represents a Power-Source at a Joint.

To see the Motor-Symbol, activate these two icons:

Force toolbar > Show Force Vectors

Forces toolbar > Calculate Forces


To open the Configure Power-Source dialog-box

There are three(3) methods to open the Configure Power Source dialog


Configure Power Source icon

1.Click the Kinematic-Chain in the Kinematics-Tree.

2.Click Force toolbar > Configure Power Source icon


METHOD 2 (<<< see image to the left )

In the Kinematics-Tree:

1.Click the Kinematic-Chain

2.Right-click the Kinematic Chain

3.Click Configure Power Source in the contextual-menu


1.Click the Kinematic-Chain in the Kinematics-Tree.

2.Press ALT+P keys on your keyboard.

Result :

The Configure Power Source dialog-box opens.