File menu > Open > DXF file-type.

When you open a file with the DXF file-type, you add a DXF element to the Assembly-Tree.

The DXF element is a container for a DXF Drawing.

You can then link that DXF element and DXF drawing to a CAD-Line.

Thus, to show a DXF drawing, you must do two steps:

STEP 1 : File menu > Open

1.Click File menu (or toolbar) > Open

Make sure the File of type filter is set to DXF

2.Browse to a DXF file.
3.Click the Open button.

A DXF element shows in the Assembly-Tree.

STEP 2 : Show the DXF Drawing

1.Edit a CAD-Line to open the CAD-Line dialog-box

See CAD-Line dialog-box > DXF tab


Edit the DXF Element in the Assembly-Tree to:

Link the DXF element with a different DXF drawing file
Re-define the units of the DXF file, typically to the units of the original DXF drawing.

See also: DXF-Element dialog-box.

Note-Pencil-20 Top-Tips:

When you save a DXF drawing in your original CAD software:

Save the DXF drawing as Release 12 or as near to Release 12 as possible.
If you use 3D CAD, use 'Hidden Lines Removed' before you save the DXF drawing

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