Why 'Import a SOLIDWORKS sketch'?

It is easy to add complex geometry to a sketch in SolidWorks. To do the same complex geometry in MechDesigner would be difficult.

It is convenient to be able to import those complex SolidWorks sketches directly on to a Part.

When you import a sketch from SolidWorks, the sketch-elements do not have dimensions or constraints.


We use the tool 'Import SOLIDWORKS sketch' in the Part-Editor to import an active sketch of a SOLIDWORKS document.

We must:

1.Add the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB to the Part in the Part-Editor.
2.Edit the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB
3.Import the sketch.

Add the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB



left of the graphics-area]


Add menu >  Import SOLIDWORKS sketch


Before you can use this command, a sketch must be active in SOLIDWORKS.

STEP 0: In SolidWorks.

1.If necessary, add a sketch to a plane
2.Save the Part
3.Edit the sketch to make it 'active'

This image shows an active sketch in SOLIDWORKS.


STEP 1: Edit a Part to add an 'Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB':

1.Edit a Part

This becomes the Part onto which you will import the SOLIDWORKS sketch.

2.Click the Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch icon
3.Click the graphic-area

The 'Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB' is now in the graphic-area.

Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch


The Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB is grey if you edit a different Part or the Mechanism-Editor is active.

The Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB is a child to the Part.

You must edit the Part to use the FB.




STEP 2: To open the 'Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB' dialog-box

1.If necessary, editt the Part, to which the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB is a child, again.

The 'Import SolidWorks sketch FB' becomes active.

Use any method to open its dialog-box. For example:

2.Double-click the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB in the graphic-area.

The Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch dialog-box opens - see next image

R13 : Import SOLIDWORKS sketch dialog-box

R13 : Import SOLIDWORKS sketch dialog-box

STEP 3: 'Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB' dialog-box:

Make sure the sketch you want to import from SOLIDWORKS is the 'active sketch'.

1.Click button 2s. The name of the:
'Document name in CAD' box5s shows the SolidWorks active document name
'Sketch name in SOLIDWORKS'6s shows the name of the active sketch in the SolidWorks feature-tree

Button 3s becomes colorized.

2.Click button 3s
WAIT until the SOLIDWORKS sketch shows in the MechDesigner graphic area.

Button 4s becomes colourised

If you edit the same sketch in SOLIDWORKS, you can:

3.Click button 4s to Refresh

Note: Click button 1s to clear the 'Document name' and the 'sketch-name' from 5s & 6s



To import a new sketch:

Click Button1s-red to clear an existing 'CAD Document5s' and 'Feature Name of CAD Sketch'6s from the dialog-box.

This image shows the active sketch that is in SOLIDWORKS now in the MechDesigner graphic-area.

See Install Type Libraries


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