Add Plane in Model-Editor

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Add Plane in Model-Editor

What is a Plane?

A Plane is a flat surface, defined by its Local XYZ-axes.  The XY axes are coplanar with the Plane. The Z-axis follows the usual Right-Hand-Rule.

You add Planes to arrange the layout of your machine.

You can add Mechanism-Editors to Planes.

Add Plane (Model-Editor)

In the Model-Editor, a new Plane is offset along the Z-axis of a Plane. you select.

STEP 1:Start the Add Plane command


Add menu > Add Plane


Model elements toolbar > Add Plane

FORMAT 1: Add Plane to Plane

FORMAT 1: Add Plane to Plane

The Add Plane dialog opens, immediatelyRed-14-1b

In the Model-Editor, its format is>

Red-14-1 Name - of new Plane

Plane Parameters

Red-14-2 Plane Definition for the new Plane :

Offset from Plane (always in the Model-Editor)

Red-14-3 Parameter to define the new Plane :

Distance to New Plane

Red-14-4 Element box - the reference element for new Plane

Click a Plane in the Assembly-Tree

Click a Plane in the Assembly-Tree

STEP 2:Click a Plane.

Click a Plane in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

When you click a Plane, it shows in the Element boxRed-14-4 of the Add Plane dialog

A preview of the new Plane is also in the graphic-area immediately.


STEP 3:Edit the ParameterRed-14-3

Edit Distance to New PlaneRed-14-3

Distance to new Plane from the Plane in the Element-boxRed-14-4.

New Plane in the Graphic-Area

New Plane in the Graphic-Area

STEP 4:Complete the Command

Click MD-OK-tiny-11-15 in the Add-Plane dialog


The new PlaneRed-14-2 is in the graphic-area and Assembly-Tree.

The new Plane has Local XYZ-axes.


If you cannot see the new Plane try:


Video: Add a Plane in the Model-Editor