Add Profile

Solids toolbar > Add-Profile adds a Profile to a sketch-loop in a Part.

You must add the sketch-loop to the Part before this command.

Profile and Extrusion elements

A Profile has two contours that are offset from each other – the Primary-Contour and Secondary-Contour
The Extrusion is a child to the Profile. It is the Solid that fills the gap between the two contours that define the Profile

The Extrusion element has parameters that you edit with the Extrusions dialog-box:

Parameters: Colour, Transparency, Density.
Dimensions: Part Offset, Extrusion Offset, Extrusion Depth
tog_minusUse Add Profile


STEP 1: Do Tutorial 3 – Use the Part-Editor
- or -
File menu > Open the file saved in Tutorials 3.
- or -
Edit a Part to add a new sketch-loop

Tutorial 3 Add a sketch-loop that is similar to the image to the left.


STEP 2: Click Solids toolbar > Add Profile
- or -
Click Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Solids sub-menu > Add Profile.


The Command-Manager hints:

Click a Sketch-Loop (Circle, or Lines and/or Arcs with Merged-Points.


STEP 3: Click a sketch-element in the sketch-loop


STEP 4: Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager


The Profile contours are PINK

They are in front of the sketch-loop.

You can edit the colour of the Profile contours in Application Settings | Graphics tab : Display Colours.


The Profile and Extrusion in the Assembly-Tree

If you expand the Mechanism in the Assembly-Tree, you see the:

The ProfileRed-14-2 or Auto-Profile if you have used the Auto-Profile(s) command) as a child to the Part
The ExtrusionRed-14-3 as a child to the Profile

To show the Extrusion in the Mechanism-Editor use :

Visibility toolbar > Show Model in Mechanism.


The Profile and Extrusion in the Graphic-area

The Profile has two contours. The Primary-ContourRed-14-1b and Secondary-ContourRed-14-2.

Use the Extrusion dialog-box to edit the:

Distance to the Secondary Contour from the Primary Contour ( Extrusion Depth )
Distance to the Primary Contour from the Mechanism-Plane (and sketch-loopRed-14-3).

Distance to Primary Contour = ( Part Offset + Extrusion Offset ).

The offset distance is along the Z–axisRed-14-4


The Extrusion:

'fills' the space between the 'Primary Contour' and 'Secondary Contour'.
has properties: Colour, Transparency and Density.

Edit its properties in the Extrusion dialog-box.

tog_minusUse Add Hole
STEP 1: Click the new Mechanism name-tab

Then, to start the Part-Editor:

STEP 2: Double-click the Part-Outline
- or -
Double-click a sketch-element that is a child to the Part


STEP 3: Click Red-14-1b Geometry toolbar > Add Circle

Add two Circles. Use these two techniques.


1.Hover above a PointRed-14-2, so that it becomes red
2.Click and Drag the radius of the Circle.

The centre-Point snaps to the PointRed-14-2 when you release your mouse.


1.Drag the Circle near to the PointRed-14-3


2.Add a Coincident Constraint between the centre-Point of the Circle and the PointRed-14-3



Add a dimension and constraint to the Circle:

STEP 4: Click Constraints toolbar > Add Equal Constraint (to the right of the graphic-area)
STEP 5: Click the two Circles
STEP 6: Click Add Dimension and a Circle
STEP 7: Click again to place the dimension


The Dimension dialog-box opens:

STEP 8: Enter a Dimension.


- or -


STEP 9: Right-click the dimension box

Click Round and the Dimension becomes the nearest integer that is exactly divisible by the spin-increment value.

Use the spin-box tool to edit the values.

(Please ignore the actual numbers in the data-boxes to the left).


You have fully-defined the Circles:

the centres are coincident with Points in the Part, and
the Radii are equal; one is dimensioned

The sketch is black in the Part-Editor to show it is fully defined.

STEP 10: Close the Part-EditorDouble-click a sketch-element.

Use the Circles to add Holes through the Extrusion.


STEP 11: Click Solids Toolbar > Add Hole in the  (above the graphic-area)


You must click two elements to do Add Hole.

STEP 12: Click the Circle (or a sketch-element in a sketch-loop) in the Part to become the Hole
STEP 13: Click the Profile through which you want to cut the hole
STEP 14: Click OK-tiny-13-17  in the Command-Manager

Do Steps 11 to 14 again to add each hole.



The shape of the hole is also a sketch-loopRed-14-1.
They must be 'inside' the sketch-loop that you use for the Extrusion or Auto-Profile.
They cut through an Extrusion.
They are a brother (or sister) to an Extrusion and child to the Profile or Auto-Profile.

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