Step 4.3: Level 1: Add Profile and Extrusions to a Part

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Step 4.3: Level 1: Add Profile and Extrusions to a Part

Add Profile and Add Hole

Add-Profile to add a sketch-loop and an Profile to a Part.

Add-Hole to a sketch-loop to cut a Hole through a Profile.

Before you do Add Hole, you must add the sketch-loop to the Part.

Profile and Extrusion elements

A Profile is two offset contours – the Primary-Contour and Secondary-Contour

The Extrusion is automatically added to the model with the Profile.

The Extrusion fills the gap between the Profile contours

The Extrusion has parameters that you can edit with the Extrusions dialog:

Parameters: Color, Transparency, Density.

Distances: Part Offset, Extrusion Offset, Extrusion Depth

Note: The Profile/Extrusion is a Solid we call MD-Solid. The other type is a CAD-Solid, which you import from CAD onto a CAD-Line.

tog_minusUse Add Profile
tog_minusAdd sketch-loops for the Holes
tog_minusAdd the Holes