Why is it taking a long time to add elements?

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Why is it taking a long time to add elements?

Large Model Tips:

Make Auto-Rebuild inactive. Then experiment. You can continue to add many elements successfully when rebuild is inactive. Use Rebuild-Now every 4-5 commands to rebuild.

Number-of-Steps : Use 60 steps, or even less. You do not need many steps as you build the model. You can increase them again to ~120 later. Also, you can increment the model with very small steps with Digital entry of the Master-Machine Angle.

Disable Show Solids in Mechanisms : You do not need to show the Solids to add elements, to review the kinematics, or to calculate Forces.

Image Quality : If you must show Solids, then experiment with the Image-Quality. Do this when there are many Solids in the model.

Spin-Box tool. Do not use the Spin-Box tool. The model re-calculates with each click of the Spin-Box. Use your keyboard to enter new values in each data- box.