See also : Blend-Point [Node] Editor.

How to open the SEGMENT-EDITOR

Segment-Editor icon

Segment-Editor icon

METHOD 1: Use the toolbar icon


1.Click Blend-Point & Segment toolbar > Start Segment Editor

The Segment-Editor opens.


METHOD 2: Click a segment directly

1.Click a segment on the graph line.

The Segment-Editor opens.


Orange Separators 

Click the orange separators [maybe two slow clicks?] to show or hide contextual parameters.

Parameters relate only to the Selected-Segment.

Parameters are in Motion-Units

Click to Expand / Collapse

'Previous' / 'Next' buttons6-R-small


Click to make the Previous-Segment become the Selected-Segment


Click to make the Next-Segment become the Selected-Segment


Click to confirm all of the new motion-values [See also Edit toolbar > Undo]


Click open the contextual-help for the dialog-box

X-axis Values  1s-red

Segment Start [Read-Only] - the X-axis value at the start of the selected-segment
Segment End [Read-Only] - the X-axis value at the end of the selected-segment

See Segment-Width

Segment Parameters 2sa

Are available only with Traditional Motion-Laws
Modify the motion-law of the Selected-Segment.
Contextual to the Selected-Segment

See Segment-Parameters

Y-axis Values 3s

Start motion-values and End motion-values of the Selected-Segment
The state of each Y-axis Control-Button is a function of the Motion-Law of the Selected-Segment and the Previous-Segment.


Flexible-Polynomial: you can edit the Position, Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk at the Start and End
Traditional Motion-Laws: you can only edit the Position at the Start and End

See Segment-Editor: Y-axis Controls

Segment Ranges  4-S-RED

Are available only with Traditional Motion-Laws

See Segment-Ranges

Segment Motion-Law  5-R-RED-small

Use the drop-down box to select the Motion-Law for the Selected-Segment.

WARNING: After you select a segment Motion-Law, ALWAYS click in a different box in the Segment-Editor to remove the 'focus' from the Motion-Law. If you do not, and you use the mouse scroll button, you will accidentally select a different motion-law.

See Segment Motion-Laws

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