Reverted Gear-Pairs

Schematic of Reverted Gear-Train

Schematic of Reverted Gear-Train.

A 'Reverted Gear Train' has:

two Gear-Pairs
two shafts
the input and output shafts are co-axial

It is a Compound Gear with, two Gears-Pairs, and a special condition that makes the total number of teeth of the first gear-pair equals the number of teeth of the second-gear-pair, when the module is the same.

The image to the left shows a schematic of a Reverted Gear-Train. There is more than one gear-pair, two shafts, and the input and output shafts are co-axial.

Therefore, it agrees the definition of the Reverted Gear Train.

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Reverted Gear Train – Stage 1


Start with a Gear-Pair with an External Mesh- see Option 1 Step 14.1

Here, the number-of-teeth are:

T1=30Red-14-1b, T2=70Red-14-2. The Gear Ratio is T1/T2 = 2.5

The total number-of-teeth is 100T.

Reverted Gear Train – Stage 2

Reverted Gears-Preparation2

1.Add a new Part
2.Add a Pin Joint:
a.Click a Point in the new Part
b.Click a Point on the Base-Part (left side of Line in Base-Part

We use the Point to add a Pin-Joint at the left end of the Line in the Base-Part two times -

»one time for the input gear, and
one time for the output gear.

Reverted Gears-Preperation3

Add the second Gear-Pair.

1.Add Gear-Pair
2.Click the Part that is the Driven Geared-Rocker in the first Gear-Pair
3.Click the new Parts with the Blue-Part-Outline
4.The Line between the two Parts
5.The dimension of the Line.

This dimension is already a 'driven-dimension'.

Edit the Gear-Pair 2

Edit the Number of Teeth:

Gear 1 = 20

Gear 2 = 80


See Video to the left to see the gear reduction of the Gear-Pair.

The Gear Reduction is : 30*20 : 70*80 = 3: 28

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