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Mechanism | Add Slide-Joint

Add Slide-Joint


Technical Definition: Prismatic Joint :

A joint that only allows relative rectilinear translationmotion between two Parts (rigid bodies).

MechDesigner definition : Slide-Joint :

A joint, between two Parts, that forces a Line in one Part to be collinear with a Line in the other Part.

Line :

A Line specifies an axis on a Part. The position of the axis is specified by two Points that are on the Mechanism-Plane.

Points :

The Points at each end of a Line are termed the start-Point and end-Point.

The XY-Plane of all Parts (and the Base-Part) in a Mechanism-Editor are coplanar with the Mechanism-Plane.

A Slide-Joint in the Graphic-Area



A Slide-Joint is defined by a Line that you select in two different Parts.

The symbol for the Slide-Joint is:

Red-14-1b A Narrow Rectangle that is equal to the length of the Line in one of the Parts.

Red-14-2 A Wide Rectangle that is equal to the length of the Line in the other Part.

Red-14-3 Arrowhead - the Positive-Direction* of the Slide-Joint.

* Positive-direction is important if you want to add a motion to the Slide-Joint.

See Positive direction of Slide-Joints and Motion-Dimension.

IMPORTANT: To calculate reaction forces for a Slide-Joint:

The length and position of the Lines that define the Slide-Joint must be equivalent to actual design.

Add Slide-Joint:

Select two Lines

Select two Lines

A New Slide-Joint

A New Slide-Joint

STEP 1: Add Slide-Joint


Mechanism-Editor: Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Slide-Joint

Mechanism-Editor: Kinematic Elements Toolbar > Add Slide-Joint icon

STEP 2: Click the two(2) Lines

1.Mechanism-Editor: Click a LineRed-14-1b in a Free-Part

2.Mechanism-Editor: Click a LineRed-14-2 in a different Part

The two(2) Lines become collinear to add the Slide-Joint.

The Positive Direction of the Slide-Joint is identified by the small arrowhead.

If the Select-Elements dialog-box opens, see Slide-Joint Special Case


VIDEO: Add Slide-Joint - Simple-Case


Add Slide-Joint Special-Case


tog_minusSpecial Case: two(2) or more collinear Slide-Joints