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Mechanism | Add Part

Add Part

See also: Edit-Part

What is a Part?

A Part element is a rigid-body. It is on the Mechanism-Plane.


Part :

The Part element is a rigid-body. Its length is defined by the distance between two points - its start-point and end-point. There is a CAD-Line between the two Points.

Parts are on one Mechanism-Plane. A Part, free from joints, has three degrees-of-freedom. - two translational and one rotational degree-of-freedom.

Base-Part :

The Part that is the fixed frame of reference for the Mechanism-Plane.

The Base-Part has zero degrees-of-freedom.

Kinematic States of Parts

Not kinematically-defined :

The state of a Part when it is not solved. It is has one or more degrees-of-freedom.

kinematically-defined :

The state of a Part when it is solved. It has zero degrees-of-freedom. Its position, velocity and acceleration are fully specified. It has a Mobility of Zero.

This must be the status of the model before you calculate any kinematic and kinetostatic (Force data).

Note: The Part-Outlines in the two kinematic states have two different colors. This is to help you identify the two kinematic-states.

Add Part


STEP 1.Add Part


Mechanism-Editor: Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Part


Add Part icon

Mechanism-Editor: Kinematic Elements Toolbar > Add Part


INSERT key on your keyboard

STEP 1.Drag in the Graphic-Area

DRAG: in the graphic-area (see image above)

Mouse-button down, ... move your mouse, ... mouse-button up.

Add Part is not a persistent command.

Do Step 1 and 2 again to add a new Part.

A Part in the Graphic-Area.


Red-14-1b Part-Outline: the symbol of the Part you select. You cannot edit the shape of the Part-Outline.  

Red-14-2 CAD-Line - from the start-Point to the end-Point of the Part.

Red-14-3 XY-axes: at the origin and start-Point of the CAD-Line.

Did you know: You can hide Part-Outlines (Display Filters - Part-Outlines) to see only the CAD-Line and the Part's axes. You can edit the Part if you double-click the Y-axis.


Add Part