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Add Part


See also: Edit Part

Part in MechDesigner

Part in MechDesigner



A physical part/link

A physical part/link


Part :

Parts represent any physical and usually moving component in the machine (see also Base-Part below)

Use the Part-Editor to edit its length and to add sketch-elements and constraints to the sketch-elements.

Base-Part :

The Part that represents the fixed frame for each Mechanism-Editor.

Part-Outlines :

The Part-Outline is the symbol you click to select or edit a Part.

Part-Outline have two shapes:

The Part-Outlines of the Parts that you add to the model have an oval shape.

The Part-Outline of the Base-Part has a rectangular shape.

A Part has one of two kinematic-states.

Not kinematically-defined :

The state of a Part when it has one or more degrees-of-freedom.

Other terms: Free-Part, Completely-Free Part, a Part that is not solved.

The Part-Outline is approximately Blue

kinematically-defined :

The state of a Part when its Mobility is Zero(0).

Other term: is a Part that is solved.

The Part-Outline is approximately Green

IMPORTANT: All of the Parts in your model must be kinematically-defined before you can analyze kinematic (motion) and kinetostatic (force) data in your model.

A Part in the graphic-area.


Red-14-1b Part-Outline: the symbol of the Part you select to edit the Part in the Part-Editor.

You cannot edit the shape of the Part-Outline.

Red-14-2 start-Point and Red-14-3 end-Point of the Part

Red-14-4 CAD-Line from the start-Point to the end-Point

Red-14-5 X & Y-axes: at the start-Point

TOP-TIP: You can hide Part-Outlines (Display Filters - Part-Outlines) to see only the CAD-Line and the Part's axes, and edit double-click the Y-axis to edit the Part.

Add Part


STEP 1.Start the Add Part command


Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Part


Add Part icon

Kinematic elements toolbar > Add Part


Click the INSERT key on your keyboard as a short-cut key

STEP 2.To add the Part

DRAG: in the graphic-area :

Mouse-button down, ... move your mouse, ... mouse-button up.

The Part is now in the graphic-area.

Add Part is not a persistent command.

Do Step 1 and Step 2 again to add a new Part.



Video: Add a Part