Mechanism | Add Mechanism (Editor)

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Mechanism | Add Mechanism (Editor)


A Mechanism, in the context of Add Mechanism, is a Mechanism-Editor - a new Mechanism name-tab.

Use Mechanism-Editors to add Parts, Joints, Cams, Gears, Belts, ... to design your machine.


IMPORTANT: Gravitational Vector ( g = 9.81665 m/s/s )


The Gravity Vector is in the negative Y-axis direction (Green Arrowhead) in the Model-Editor.

Before you add the first Mechanism-Editor, consider which Mechanism-Plane is the best to model your machine.

Add Mechanism-Editor

Model elements toolbar

Model elements toolbar

Add menu > Add Mechanism


< Model elements toolbar > Add Mechanism






STEP 1.Click Add Mechanism

The message in the Command-Manager is:

Add new Mechanism-Editor. Select a Plane

Command-Manager - Plane element

Command-Manager - Plane element

STEP 2: Click a Plane

Click a Plane in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

Note : To see Planes in Mechanism-Editors: Enable Visibility toolbar >Show Solids in Mechanisms.

STEP 3: Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager

You jump immediately to the new Mechanism-Editor.

The new Mechanism-Editor is a child to the Plane you click in STEP 2.

The New Mechanism-Editor - in the Graphic-Area

Mechanism Editor - Identify

The Front-View of the new Mechanism-Editor:

Red-14-1b : Base-Part has a rectangular Green Part-Outline

Red-14-2 : Mechanism name-tab  

Red-14-3 : Contextual Toolbars (left and right of the graphic-area)

Red-14-4 : Graphic-Area

Red-14-5 : Local XY-axes of the NEW Mechanism-Editor and Base-Part

The +X–axis is horizontal, to the right ( > )

The +Y–axes is vertical, and upwards ( ^ )

The +Z–axis is towards you (◎)

The New Mechanism-Editor - in the Assembly-Tree


The hierarchy of the new elements

Mechanism2 - is a child to Plane4

BasePart2  - is a child to Mechanism2.

The XY-Plane of Plane4, Mechanism2, and Base-Part2 are coplanar and coincident.


Video: Add Mechanism-Editor to Plane