Dialog: Pulley

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Dialog: Pulley

Pulley - Synchronizing-Pulley

See Add Pulley

A Pulley is a wheel with teeth that engage with a toothed-belt. The belt wraps around the pulley.

The path of the belt is defined by a sketch-path and Motion-Path FB.

Use the Pulley dialog-box to edit the number-of-teeth on the Pulley.

How to open the Pulley dialog-box

Double-Click a Pulley

Double-Click a Pulley

To edit the Pulley:

1.Double-click a Pulley in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree.

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box  


The Pulley dialog-box is now open.

Pulley dialog-box


Pulley Parameters 


The number-of-teeth around the circumference of the Pulley.

As you edit the Number-of-Teeth, you change the radius of the Pulley.


Pitch-Circle-Diameter (PCD)

The diameter of the Pitch-Circle , which is the neutral line of the Belt.  

Belt Parameters 

Read-Only (in the Pulley dialog-box)

Tooth Pitch

The linear distance between each tooth on the belt.

Specify the Tooth-Pitch with the Motion-Path dialog.

Belt Length

The total length of the belt. It is equal to the length of the sketch-path that wraps around the pulley.  

You can specify a Target Belt-Length with the Motion-Path dialog.

Sprocket Parameters (Apply with Transition-Curve)

Details coming soon...