See Add Pulley

Use the Pulley dialog-box to edit the number-of-teeth around the circumference of a Pulley.

The Pulley dialog-box has this 'read-only' information:

Pulley's Pitch Circle Diameter [P.C.D.].
Tooth-Pitch [Edit the Tooth-Pitch parameter in the Motion-Path dialog-box].
Belt Length [Edit the Target Belt Length parameter in the Motion-Path FB dialog-box, or edit the sketch directly].

Edit the Pulley


Edit the Pulley:

1.Double-click a Pulley in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree.

- or -

Pulley dialog-box


Pulley Parameters 


Edit the number-of-teeth, the radius of the pulley, and arc in the sketch-loop, will change.

Read-Only' Parameters:

Driving-Pulley [pulley drives the belt] or Driven-Pulley [belt drives the pulley]

Pitch-Circle-Diameter - see Notes

Belt Parameters 


Tooth-Pitch - see Motion-Path FB dialog-box

Belt Length - see Motion-Path FB dialog-box


The radius is read-only in the Part-Editor - it is grey.

Pitch Circle Radius =

Number-of-Teeth × Tooth-Pitch / (2 × Pi)

Number of Teeth on Belt = Belt Length / Tooth-Pitch

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