Dialog: Blend-Curve

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Dialog: Blend-Curve


See also Add Blend-Curve

You can edit the X-Y Position of the start-Point and end-Point in the Part-Editor.

You can also edit these geometric-properties AT the start-Point and AT the end-Point of a Blend-Curve :



Curvature Rate  

The geometric-properties are:

equal to those of the sketch-element(s) with which you merge the Blend-Curve's start-Point and/or end-Point.


zero(0) if you do not merge the Blend-Curve with sketch-elements at its start-Point and end-Point.

You can edit the geometric-properties

Exactly : with the Blend-Curve dialog-box

Approximately : with the Blend-Curve drag-handles.

Edit Exactly

tog_minusHow to open the Blend-Point dialog-box

The Blend-Curve dialog-box is now open.

tog_minusBlend-Curve dialog-box

Edit Approximately

tog_minusTo show / hide the Blend-Curve drag-handles
tog_minusBlend-Curve Drag-Handles

Note on Curvature and Curvature-Rate

tog_minusCurvature and Curvature-Rate