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Geometry | Blend-Curve

Add Blend-Curve

See also: Blend-Curve dialog-box


Toolbar :

Part-Editor: Geometry toolbar > Add Blend-Curve

Menu :

Part-Editor: Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Add Blend-Curve

To Add :

1.Part-Editor: Click Geometry toolbar > Add Blend-Curve

2.Part-Editor: Drag in the graphic-area from the start-Point to the end-Point.

Drag: mouse-button-down (start-Point), move your mouse-pointer, mouse-button-up (end-Point).

The Blend-Curve is now in the graphic-area.

To Edit :

See Blend-Curve dialog-box and Drag-Handles


Add with Free-Points*

Do NOT HOVER above a Point* before you mouse-button-down or mouse-button-up.

See also: How to Delete a Constraint

Point* : start-Point, end-Point, center-Point.

Add with Merged-Points*

Do HOVER above a Point* before you mouse-button-down or mouse-button-up.

See: Hover+Drag Video

Point* : start-Point, end-Point, center-Point.






Drag from the startRed-14-1b to the end PointRed-14-2 of Blend-Curve


Pointn at each end of the CAD-Line

The Blend-Curve is a child to the Part.


The default Angle, Curvature and Curvature Rate at the start-Point and end-Point of the Blend-Curve are zero.

The images to the left and above are default Blend-Curves.

The Blend-Curve at the top has been added with a drag from bottom-left to top-right.

The Blend-Curve at the bottom has been added with a drag from top-right to bottom-left.


Hover + Drag from the end-Point of a different sketch-element to merge the start-Point of as new Blend-Curve.

When you merge the Blend-Curve with a sketch-element, the Blend-Curve matches the Angle, Curvature and Curvature Rate with the other sketch-element.

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Blend-Curve - Drag-Handles

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