Dialog: Function-Block: Point-Cloud

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Dialog: Function-Block: Point-Cloud

Point-Cloud FB

See Add Point-Cloud

Do two steps in the Point-Cloud dialog:

STEP 1: Import-data (TXT file-type).

For example, import the X,Y coordinates of a cam-profile, which you have measured with a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM).

STEP 2: Fit-a-Curve to the data

Fit a smooth Curve to the data that you import.

How to open the Point-Cloud dialog


Open the Point-Cloud dialog:

1.Double-click a Point-Cloud FB in the graphics-area


See How to open a dialog

The Point-Cloud dialog is now open.

Point-Cloud dialog

Point-Cloud dialog

Point-Cloud dialog

STEP 1: Import Data

STEP 2: Fit Curve to Data

btn_delkeyword        STEP 1: Import Data

btn_delkeyword        STEP 2: Fit Curve to Data