Dialog: Function-Block: Force-Data

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Dialog: Function-Block: Force-Data

Force-Data FB

See: Add Force-Data FB , Configure Power Source

Use the Force-Data FB to measure the Force that acts on a Point at a Joint, Spring, or the Contact-Point of a 2D-Cam.

To use the Force-Data FB correctly, you must also do Configure Power Source.

How to open a Force-Data dialog

To open a Force-Data dialog:


1.Double-click the Force-Data FB in the graphic-area.


2.See How to Open a dialog

The Force-Data dialog is now open. –

Force-Data dialog

Force-Data dialog

Force-Data dialog


STEP 1.Select a Force Element:

A Force-element is a: Joint, Cam, Gear, Rack, Ball-screw or a Spring

1.Click a Force element in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

The Force element should now be in the Select Force Element box

<<< in the image: Pin-Joint is the Force element

In the box below:

A list of Available Points, each with a Point Owner

Each Available Point is a child to the Force element

STEP 2.Select a Point:

1.Click a Point in the Available-Points box, above

A Point should now be in the Selected Force Output Elements box

The output from the Force Data FB is the Force ACTING ON the selected Point.

List of AVAILABLE-POINTS for each type of Force element

Pin-Joint - there are 2 Available Points
Each Point that makes the Pin-Joint.

Slide-Joint - there are 4 Available Points
Two Points on each Line that make the Slide-Joint.

2D-Cam - there are 0 Available Points
The contact point is assumed.

Spring FB - there are 2 Available Points
The Point that anchors each end of the Spring FB.