Dialog: Gear-Pair

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Dialog: Gear-Pair


See: Add Gear-Pair

Terminology and definitions:

Gear Mesh:

Inter-locking gear-teeth that allows a torque to be transmitted from shaft to shaft.

External Gear Mesh :

The gears have teeth that engage and diverge out from their centers-of-rotation.

Internal Mesh :

One of the gears has teeth that converge in to its center-of-rotation.

Simple Gear-Pair :

Two gears that rotate about fixed centers.

Epicyclic Gear-Pair :

One gear orbits around the center of the other gear.

Open Gear-Pair dialog-box


Edit the Gear-Pair:

1.Double-click a Gear-Pair in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree.

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box  

The Gear-Pair dialog-box is now open.

Gear-Pair dialog-box


There are three tabs in the Gear-Pair dialog-box.

Define tab

Adjustments tab

Parameters tab

btn_delkeyword        Define tab

btn_delkeyword        Adjustments tab

btn_delkeyword        Parameters tab

Useful Gearing Calculations and Equations

Gearing Equations

btn_delkeywordUseful Gearing Definitions
btn_delkeywordGear Modifications