Dialog: Rack-Pinion / Ball-screw

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Dialog: Rack-Pinion / Ball-screw

Rack-Pinion / Ball-Screw

See: Add Rack-Pinion

After you add a Rack-Pinion element, you can (optionally) convert it to a Ball-Screw and Nut.

A Pinion is a gear-wheel with teeth that engage with a straight gear, or Rack.

A Ball-Screw is a shaft with threads that engage with a Nut with the same thread.

The motion of the Rack (or Pinion) controls the motion of the Pinion (or Rack).

Or, the motion of the Ball-Screw (or Nut) controls the motion of the Nut (or Ball-Screw).

Use the Rack-Pinion dialog to edit the parameters for the Rack and Pinion (module, number, etc), or a Ball-Screw (Pitch, Diameter, ...).

How to open the Rack-Pinion dialog


Edit the Rack-Pinion:

1.Double-click a Rack-Pinion in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree.


1.See How to Open a dialog  

The Rack-Pinion dialog is now open.

Rack-Pinion / Ball-Screw dialog

Rack-Pinion / Ball-Screw dialog

Rack-Pinion / Ball-Screw dialog

The format of the Rack-Pinion dialog changes when you enable:

Rack-Pinion (default)



Rack-Pinion enabled:

tog_minus Tooth Parameters 
tog_minus Rack and Pinion Parameters 

Ball-Screw enabled :

tog_minus Ball Screws Parameters