Dialog: Plane

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Dialog: Plane

Add / Edit Plane

See also: Model Editor > Add Plane and Mechanism-Editor > Add Plane

You add Mechanism-Editors to Planes.

When you do Add Plane, the Plane dialog-box opens to specify its parameter(s) immediately.

At any time also, you can open the Plane dialog-box to edit the parameters of a Plane that you have added to the model.

tog_minusHow to open the Plane dialog-box

The Plane dialog-box is now open.

Plane dialog-box

The Plane dialog-box has two configurations - which we call the Plane Definitions.

Click to exapand /collapsePLANE DEFINITION 1: Offset from Plane
Click to exapand /collapsePLANE DEFINITION 2: Angle from Line

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