Add Circle




Left-side of the graphics-area


Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Add Circle

What to do:

1.Edit a Part
2.Click Add Circle in the Geometry toolbar.
3.Drag in the graphic-area to specify the Circle's centre-Point and then its radius.

'Drag': mouse-button-down [centre-Point], move your mouse-pointer, mouse-button-up [radius].

The Circle is now in the graphic-area.

There are two ways to add the centre-Point of the Circle

As you 'mouse-button-down':

Add the centre-Point as a 'Free Point'

Add constraints and dimensions to the centre-Point later.

You can delete the constraints later, if necessary.

See Also: How to Delete a Constraint

- OR -

Merge the centre-Point with a different Point

'Merge-Points' is not  recommended when you add a Circle.


A Circle is a Sketch-Loop.
A Circle [that has a Profile element as a child] is the most basic shape of a Cam-Follower.

Top tip:

Add a Dimension to define the Radius of the circle before you add a Constraints between its centre-Point and a Line or Point.


How to Add...




from its center-Point...
to its radius

Circlen +

Pointn at the center

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