Add Line

Geometry toolbar


Geometry toolbar


Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Add Line

What to do:

2.Click Geometry toolbar > Add Line.
3.Drag in the graphic-area to specify the start-Point and then its end-Point.

'Drag': mouse-button-down [start-Point], move your mouse-pointer, mouse-button-up [end-Point].

The Line is now in the graphic-area.

Free-Points and Merged-Points

Add the start-Point and end-Point of the Line as:


Add constraints and dimensions to the start-Point and end-Point later.

You can delete constraints and dimensions, if necessary.

Do this for a layout sketch.

See Also: How to Delete a Constraint


Do this to construct a 'sketch-path'

See: Hover+Drag , merge-points.

More details of a Line

1.A Line (and a CAD-Line) has an Origin and a positive X–axis direction.
The Origin is its start-Point.
The positive X–axis is from the Origin to its end-Point.
2.Use the Origin and X–axis direction of the Line to:
Identify the positive direction of a Slider.

See Add Motion-Dimension FB

Identify the Origin and +X–axis of a Plane. See Add Plane

To identify which is the Line's start-Point and/or end-Point when it is constrained to other Points.

If the Line is coincident with other Points, then do:


1.Click on the Line so that it shows in the Selection-Window
2.Right-click the Line in the Selection-Window
3.Click 'Show element references...' in the contextual-menu

Take a note of the Point numbers in the dialog. The lowest Point number is the start-Point and Origin of the Line.


1.Click the start-Point and end-Point in the graphic-area

The Point with the lowest Point number, as noted in STEP 1, is the start-Point of the Line.





'Drag' from the start to the end Point of the Line
Linen +
Pointn at each end of the Line

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