Add Point



Geometry toolbar


Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Add Point

What to do:

2.Click Geometry toolbar > Add Point
3.Click the graphic-area

The Point is now in the graphic-area.

Different Point Symbols


'+' : centre-Point - at the centre of Arcs and Circles [Also, when a centre-Point is Merged with a start-Point or end-Point of a Line or Arc, the symbol is a '+'. You cannot select one or the other, because there is only one Point].

'' : start-Point or end-Point - at the ends of Lines and Arcs


CirclePlus : centre-Point that is also coincident with a start-Point [or end-Point].

You may need to select the '+' or the '' to do a command, and it may be important to know the difference between the two Points, and to be able to select one Point or the other Point.

Point-Locked and Free

PointSymbol' : Locked-Points - as defined by the 'Position and Vectors dialog-box'

  : Free-Points are Blue

Motion-Point : Motion-Point - added to a sketch-element with Add Motion-Path FB.

Motion-Point Point: Motion-Point coincident with a start-Point or end-Point.

Point:  Trace-Point

You can drag a Point in the Mechanism-Editor, if you ALL three rules are true

1.Add a Point element in the Part-Editor

AND ...

2.Do NOT add a dimension or constraint to the Point

AND ...

3.Add a Trace-Point to the Point in the Mechanism-Editor

Point: Locate the Point in one of two ways

Use dimensions and constraints in the Part-Editor


Use the Point Vectors and Position dialog-box in the Mechanism-Editor


Point: Motion-Dimensions FBs, Rockers and Sliders.

Do NOT add a Point, when you also want to add a Rocker.

Do add a Line. Then, you can add a Pin-Joint AND a Motion-Dimension FB at the Pin-Joint for a Rocker.

See Add Motion-Dimension FB





Click the graphic-area to approximately locate the Point.


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