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Geometry | Point

Add Point


Toolbar :

Part-Editor: Geometry toolbar > Add Point

Menu :

Part-Editor: Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Add Point

To Add :

1.Part-Editor: Click Geometry toolbar > Add Point

2.Part-Editor: Click the graphic-area

The Point is now in the graphic-area.

Point Symbols (and compared with start-Point, end-Point, centre-Point, Locked-Point, and Motion-Point symbols)


MD-POINT : Point sketch-element

MD-START-POINT : start-Point or end-Point - at the end of an Arc or Line

: center-Point - at the center of an Arc or Circle

: center-Point - Merged with a start-Point or end-Point of an Arc or Line

: center-Point - Coincident with a start-Point or end-Point

MD-PointSymbol : Locked-Point - see Point Properties dialog-box

MD-Motion-Point : Motion-Point - added with Add Motion-Path FB.

MD-Motion-Point Point : Motion-Point - coincident with a Point, start-Point or end-Point.



Point:  Trace-Point

You can drag a Point in the Mechanism-Editor, IF 1, 2 and 3 are true:

1.Part-Editor: Geometry-toolbar > Add Point

AND ...

2.Part-Editor: Do NOT add a dimension or constraint to the Point

AND ...

3.Mechanism-Editor: Kinematic toolbar > Add Trace-Point to the Point

Use one of two Methods to Locate the Point:

Method 1: Part-Editor: Use dimensions and constraints - see Add Dimension


Method 2: Mechanism-Editor: Use Point Properties dialog-box > Lock and Edit here





Click the graphic-area to approximately locate the Point.