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Help menu


Help menu commands


Open Local Help

The Local Help is copied to <CommonAppData>\ Help \ when you install MechDesigner.

To get contextual help:

Click Help menu > Open Local Help, and/or

Click the MD-Help17 icon in a dialog, and/or

Press the F1 key when you move your mouse over a command icon.


On-line Help

You need an Internet connection.

We open for you the MechDesigner's Help Welcome Page.

The On-Line help has many tutorials.


Download Latest Help...

You MUST have Administrator Rights

Download the Local Help to make sure you have the latest version.

1.Click Help menu > Download Latest Help...


2.Click Download Now button


Download Example Models

1.Click a model from the list of Examples

Wait for the model to download.

Some models are large. Please be patient to make sure the file downloads.

To show the Solids that are in the model, click:

Edit toolbar > Auto Update / Rebuild

Visibility toolbar > Show Model in Mechanisms to show Solids

Filters menu > Display Filters > Show/Hide Planes to hide Planes that may hide other elements in the model.


Toggle Hints

Use to show tool-tips next to your mouse-pointer.

1.Click to Toggle Off (You may need to click this two(2) times)

2.Click again to Toggle On

See also Application Settings


Download Tutorial Videos:

See Tutorials dialog

Internet sub-menu >

About dialog tabs:

MechDesigner - 16.1.54: (Release.Version.Build)

Graphics - your Graphics Card Supplier, OpenGL Version, Graphics Card Model, OpenGL Extensions

Type-Libraries: Last used version of SOLIDWORKS and installed version of SOLIDWORKS Type-Libraries

Protection Key - Your License Settings

See About dialog