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Help menu


Help menu commands


The Local Help installs when you install MechDesigner.

You can get contextual help if you click the MD-Help17 icon in a dialog, or F1 key when you move your mouse over a command icon

You can download it again to make sure you have the latest version:

1.Click Help menu > Download Latest Help...


2.Click Download Now button

The file downloads to the correct directory.


On-line Help

You need an Internet connection.

MechDesigner opens the MechDesigner's Help Welcome Page on the internet.

On-Line Help is usually the up-to-date


Toggle Hints

Use to show tool-tips next to your mouse-pointer

1.Click to Toggle Off (You may need to click this two(2) times)

2.Click again to Toggle On

Or see Application Settings



See Tutorials Dialog

Internet sub-menu >

About dialog tabs:

MechDesigner - 16.1.54: (Release.Version.Build)

Graphics - your Graphics Card Supplier, OpenGL Version, Graphics Card Model, OpenGL Extensions

Type-Libraries: Last used version of SOLIDWORKS and installed version of SOLIDWORKS Type-Libraries

Protection Key - Your License Settings

See About dialog