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Help menu commands


Open 'Local' Help

You must do 'Download Latest Help...' [see below] before you can 'Open the local help'.

The help file-name is MechDesigner.chm.

Note: See  open contextual local help for dialog-boxes and parameters : 'Dialog-Boxes'


'On-line' Help

You need an Internet connection.

MechDesigner opens the MechDesigner's Help 'Welcome Page on the internet.

The On-Line Help is usually the most up-to-date.

Note: You can navigate to the 'On-Line Help' directly with

Edit Language Database

Note: Generally, do not touch this dialog!

See Edit Language Database


Download Latest Help

You need an internet connection. It is a large file ~0.1GB

The file is MechDesigner.chm, which you need to show help when you are working off-line.

There are two ways to download the help file:


1.If necessary, exit MechDesigner
2.Click this link MechDesigner.chm


3.Save the file to:
4.Start MechDesigner


Note: You may need to add an exception to your virus-checker.

1.Start MechDesigner
2.Click Help menu > Download Latest Help...


The file downloads to the correct directory.


NEW [R12+] Tutorials

See Tutorials Dialog

Run Test Models - help coming soon

Internet sub-menu


Information about:

Your MechDesigner Release, Version and Build . For example: R13[Release] 2[Version].186[Build]
Your Graphics Card and OpenGL Version
The installed version of SOLIDWORKS and of the SOLIDWORKS Type Libraries

See About dialog

Toggle Hints

Use to show 'tool-tips' to appear next to your mouse-pointer.

Click to 'Toggle Off' [You may need to click this two times].
Click again to 'Toggle On'

See also Application Settings / Options


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