Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law

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Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law

Flexible-Polynomial Cam-Law, Motion-Law

Motion Description

You can use the Flexible-Polynomial motion-law for many, or most, design applications.

You can, for each motion-derivative (P, V, A, J) :

edit the motion-values at its start and end,

not edit the motion-values at its start and end

force the motion-value at its start to match the motion-value at the end of the Previous-Segment

You can use the Flexible-Polynomial to replicate a motion-law that is based on any of the other Polynomial Functions:

Dwell, Constant-Velocity, Cubic, Quadratic, Throw, Poly 345 and Poly 4567 motion-laws.

Finally, you can edit the Flexible-Polynomial to design a motion-law you don't even know you need!

See MD-Globe-www-24Tutorial: Introduction to the Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law.


You CAN choose to edit the:

Start Position and END Position

Start Velocity and End Velocity

Start Acceleration and End Acceleration

Start Jerk and End Jerk

You CANNOT edit the:


Segment Parameters