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Geometry | Arc

Add Arc


Toolbar :

Part-Editor : Geometry toolbar

Menu :

Part-Editor : Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Add Arc

To Add :

1.Part-Editor: Click Geometry toolbar > Add Arc.

2.Part-Editor: Drag in the graphic-area to specify the start-Point or the Arc, and then the end-Point of the Arc

3.Part-Editor: Drag again between the start-Point and end-Point to approximate its radius

Drag: mouse-button-down, move your mouse-pointer, mouse-button-up

The Arc is now in the graphic-area.


Add the Arc with Free Points*

Do NOT HOVER above a Point* before you mouse-button-down or mouse-button-up.

See also: How to Delete a Constraint

Add the Arc with Merged-Points*

Do HOVER above a Point* before you mouse-button-down or mouse-button-up.

See: Hover+Drag , merge-points.

Point* : start-Point, end-Point, center-Point.

Video :

How to Add an Arc:

Top tip :

Add a Dimension to define the Radius of the Arc before you add Constraints between its center-Point and a different sketch-element.







You must Drag Two times.

Refer to the image to the left:

1.FIRST DRAG: from the start-Point to the end-Point of the Arc, then release you mouse.

2.SECOND DRAG: Position your pointer between the start-Point and end-Point of the Arc, and Drag towards the apex of the Arc as you intend it to be drawn, then release your mouse.

MechDesigner adds the Arc with a center-Point at the center of the Arc and a start-Point and end-Point at each end of the Arc.

Circlen +

At each end of the Line +

A constraint fixed with the Arc. This constraint uses all of the elements.