Belts and Pulleys

The objective of this tutorial is to use the Belt and Pulley tools.

We will:

1.Add a sketch-loop to represent the path of a belt
2.Add a Motion-Path FB , which automatically adds a Motion-Point to the sketch-loop, and will move with the belt.
3.Add a rotating Part that will become a Pulley.
4.Use Add-Pulley to link the Motion of the Motion-Point to the Angular Rotation of a Pulley Part

This is a new relationship between Belt and Pulley elements.

Notes: Belts and Pulleys

Belt and Pulleys

Preferred Tooth-Pitch, Belt-Length, Maximum / Minimum Distances between Pulley Centres, Minimum / Maximum Tension, Minimum / Maximum number of Pulley-Teeth, ...
... are available in sales literature - not in MechDesigner.


You can use the Motion-Path FB dialog-box to select a dimension with which you can specify the target length of the belt.

You can thus make sure the belt has an integer number-of-teeth and a number-of-teeth that are specified in catalogues for belts and pulleys.

Icon-AddPulley Belts and Pulleys

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