Tutorial 17: Belts and Pulleys

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Tutorial 17: Belts and Pulleys

Belts and Pulleys

Tutorial Objectives:

To do Add Pulley to different Belt and Pulley systems.

Terminology: Tutorial 17

Motion-Path FB :

a Function-Block that adds a Motion-Point to a sketch-loop.

 it calculates the length of the sketch-loop (belt) and defines the Tooth-Pitch

Motion-Point :

a Point that is constrained to move along a sketch-path or sketch-loop.

Driving-Pulley :

a Pulley that you add to a rotating-Part that is kinematically-defined (Green)

a minimum of zero(0) a maximum of one(1) Driving-Pulley in each Belt

Driven-Pulley :

a Pulley that you add to a rotating-Part that is Free (Blue)

Belt :

its path is defined by a sketch-path/sketch-loop (see Motion-Path FB)

its motion is defined by the Driving-Pulley, or the motion at the input to a Motion-Path FB

See also :

Motion-Path dialog-box: # Motion-Points, Target,Belt-Length, Tooth-Pitch


Pulley dialog-box: # Pulley-Teeth

Notes: Belts and Pulleys

Belt and Pulleys

Preferred Tooth-Pitch, Belt-Length, Number of Pulley-Teeth, etc ... are available in sales literature - not in MechDesigner.


Use the Motion-Path dialog-box to specify the Tooth-Pitch and a dimension with which you can specify the target belt-length.

You can make sure the Target-Belt-Length and Tooth-Pitch are specified in catalogues for belts and pulleys.


Use the Pulley dialog-box to specify the number-of-teeth on the Pulley.

The Number-of-Teeth and the Tooth-Pitch (specified in the Motion-Path dialog-box), specify the Pitch-Circle-Diameter of the Pulley.

GST-Icon-AddPulley Belts and Pulleys