Add Cam-Data FB

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Add Cam-Data FB

Cam-Data FB

See also: Cam-Data FB > Cam Analysis ; Cam-Data FB > Cam Coordinates

Why should I use a Cam-Data FB?

After you link a Cam-Data FB to a 2D-Cam, you can use it to:

calculate and save coordinates of the 2D-Cam cam-profile - see Cam-Coordinates, Cam-Coordinates File Formats

analyze five different design parameters of the 2D-Cam - see Cam Analysis

tog_minus-DARKCam-Terminology and 2D-Cam Work-flow.

Add Cam-Data FB

Cam-Data FB in Graphic-Area

Cam-Data FB in Graphic-Area

STEP 1: Add a Cam-Data FB to the graphic area  

Add Motion FB

1.Click Kinematics FB toolbar > Cam-Data FB


1.Click Add menu > Cam-Data FB

2.Click the graphic-area  

The Cam-Data FB is now in the graphic-area and Assembly-Tree.

Now, you must link the Cam-Data FB to a 2D-Cam in the model.

See Cam-Data dialog